How Much Is Tree Removal (Including The Stump) Going To Cost You?

The size of the tree is going to be the biggest factor when it comes to how much removal is going to cost you. Hazardous conditions can come into play, too, and that can increase how much this project costs. Before you examine the average costs I’m about to give you and get your quote from a tree removal service, it’s important to know one other major factor.

Tree Removal And Stump Grinding Are Different

That factor is that tree removal and stump grinding or stump removal are two different services. A tree removal quote by itself is going to leave a stump sticking out of the ground. Now you can do some beautiful things with that stump if you want to make it part of your landscape. But if you want it gone, too, you’re going to have to choose between stump grinding and stump removal. Stump grinding can be inexpensive compared to the actual removal of the tree according to this article here.

Trees Have Large Root Systems Underground

Remember that trees have large root systems underground, and that is why stump grinding or removal can set you back some extra dough. To look at the costs, let’s begin by checking out the averages for removing just the tree and leaving the stump. The average cost is $500­$1000. You can expect that most trees are going to fall in that range, but the high end is $1500. The low end is $150, but that sounds like it would be one small tree.

Stump Grinding Costs …

Stump grinding can cost more than $200. Stump removal typically costs anywhere from $60 to $350. Keep that in mind as you reach out to contractors for quotes. Ask for quotes that include what you want to be done with the stump. Get all the costs figured out, and whatever the case may be, do not try to remove the tree yourself. You might have seen it done in movies or heard that other people have tried it, but it’s never a good idea, trust me.You’re always better off contacting a professional who can get it done without risking your own safety. Because of this, you can visit a google to start your search for a professional tree removal service.

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