How to Build an Outdoor Hanging Daybed

Want to build an outdoor hanging daybed? There are many ways to build an outdoor hanging daybed that is a near-perfect spot for you and your family. When I first looked at how to build an outdoor hanging daybed I knew I wanted to build an outdoor hanging daybed so my wife could use it in our back yard but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. In this article, I will tell you what I used to help me build an outdoor hanging daybed that is still standing strong after all these years.

build an outdoor hanging daybed

When I wanted to build an outdoor hanging daybed I had two choices, build a wood outdoor bed or use some cork. I went with cork because the natural beauty of cork is hard to beat. But what I did not know was the cork flooring is not the best choice for an outdoor bed. The flooring is too soft and it will warp easily when you get older and use your outdoor hanging daybed. Continue reading to learn more about cork flooring and how it will work for you when you build an outdoor hanging daybed.

Cedar is an excellent choice for a beautiful natural wood hanging daybed. It has natural oils that keep it from rotting. What I like best about cedar is that it is also resistant to mold and mildew which keep it nice and fresh for the entire family long after your last guest has left. The best part about cedar is that it comes in an infinite variety of colors so your whole family can decorate your front porch in style. Keep reading for more on cedar flooring and how it will work for you.

What makes cedar an excellent choice for a hanging daybed is that it can be stained any color. You can stain it any color you want but I suggest getting something darker to go with the oak finish. The darker colored cedar stain will blend nicely with the oak finish giving you a match that is as close as it is possible to the original color of the cedar. Stained cedar will last forever and look wonderful for your entire family and their kids. Finally done right, cedar will outlive all your other coverings by far.

Pine is another great choice for a hanging daybed. If you have never seen pine before, it looks pretty alright but it has a surprising power when it comes to being a great insulator. Not only does pine help keep you warm, it also helps keep cold air out. Why wouldn’t you want a cozy little spot to snuggle up with the family on the coldest of cold days? What makes pine even sweeter is that it is extremely easy to work. A small cut of plywood, a piece of dowel and some nails and you are good to go.

Cedar and pine are two of the most popular choices for hanging daybeds like anything else, they just happen to be the best choices for a very long time to come. They are super popular because they are extremely easy to work with, very durable and super affordable. When you start searching for something better, you will quickly realize that this is not it. They just don’t fit in the category of luxury items that make people feel special. So if you want something better then follow these tips for the perfect outdoor daybed.